New Design and Build

Drawing on our expertise as an Induction Heating manufacturer with in excess of 40 years of experience Inductelec Limited is able to offer a complete service for the replacement or re-design of all types of Induction heating coils.

Our extensive use of the latest magnetic modelling software, 3D solid works Cad packages coupled with our vast practical experience allows us to not only copy existing designs but in many cases improve on existing designs.

In addition we are able to assist in the re utilisation of existing systems for processing new parts.

The above services are not limited to our own equipment but can be applied to equipment of any manufacturer including Radyne, Tocco, Inductoheat Banyard, EFD, AEG, CIH and many others.

Regular updates ensure you are kept fully informed regarding progress and the use of express couriers guarantees the fastest return times are achieved.

Modelling Geometry Mesh

Design Considerations

Feasibility Study

The starting point of any new coil design is to establish the suitability of the proposed power source. In order to do this the application will be considered i.e. hardening, mass heating, brazing etc and the results to be obtained will be analysed.

In the majority of cases experience or simple empirical calculation can be used however in some circumstances the use of magnetic modelling techniques or practical trails may be required.

Coil Geometry

The establishment of a correct coil geometry and coupling gaps is fundamental to the design process.

A combination of experience, simulation software and solid works CAD systems are used to establish correct coil geometry and coil to component relationship. At this point any requirement for flux concentrating materials such as laminations or powder metallurgy products can also be considered.

Decisions and calculations will be made to ensure the optimum cross section or diameter and wall thickness of tube or machined fabrications are selected to ensure maximum coil efficiency and adequate cooling.

Construction Methods

In establishing the preferred method of construction the following factors will be considered:

a) Physical strength. Not only do mechanical stresses caused by physical positioning etc have to be taken into account but also the magneto motive forces experienced by the coil. In particular at lower frequencies and high power densities these magnetic forces can be high. The coil can be attracted or repelled by the component at switch on and at the curie point, these forces being in addition to the vibratory forces exerted during the heat cycle.

In particular the type of joint used within the construction can be crucial and the use of pockets and sockets may be required where butt joints are not considered adequate. Also the selection of support materials and insulators will be considered due the potentially aggressive nature of the operating environment.

b) Accuracy. As the relationship between the coil and component is critical to the heat produced in some circumstances a simple wound tube construction is not adequate, in these circumstances machined fabricated construction techniques will be employed.

c) Cost and longevity.

There are three basic methods of construction used in induction coils produced by Inductelec limited. These are simple wound coils with multiple turns and machined fabricated coils in some cases a combined fabricated/wound hybrid solution can be used.

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